Recap of 2019

(don’t worry about me, I slept the whole time)

For January, I suggest you revisit the year 2019 and underline everything positive. I started this exercise last year following the suggestion of Austin Kleon, our lord and savior.

A year is fast gone. Fortunately, I keep traces of everything so I can come back to it later and remember everything.

Without further due, here is my recap of 2019.

I’m getting better from a bad cold I got in December and I ink the 1st bonus chapter of Sun’s Blade.

I’m wondering what to do with Sun’s Blade. It doesn’t stop me from working on it and doing the Erotic arts market for a 2nd year. I have my subscription!

I finally decide to build a crowdfunding campaign for the 1st book of Sun’s Blade and I’m planning to launch it during MCAF. I’m attending Under the Snow for the 1st time.

I launch the Indiegogo campaign for Sun’s Blade, book 1: the castaway and it’s going so well! While it’s running, I finish producing and editing the book, and I send it to the printer. The timing is perfectly calculated and everything is running as planned.

Comic book month, it’s usually a very busy month! Thanks to Johanne and Virginie, I’m attending the Boreal congress for the 1st time in Sherbrooke and it’s so fun. I meet with really nice new people.

Everything’s fine is nominated for the Bédélys indépendant award.

The Indiegogo campaign is a success and the book is launched at Montreal Comic arts Festival. I already can’t wait for next year’s MCAF, it was AMAZING!

I’m making a bookstore run with my new book and I close everything with the crowdfunding campaign. I’m in full production mode for the upcoming convention season.

I also make a 2nd Sun’s Blade Q&A session… it’s so much fun, I love doing those.

It’s my 1st Montreal Comiccon and it goes well. I’m back on working on Sun’s Blade, the webcomic.

I’m going the Otakuthon for the 2nd year and it’s a huge success! Sun’s Blade is back online once a week.

Jeune Volontaire is over. I’m very grateful to have done it. That’s how I managed to concentrate on Sun’s Blade this whole time. With a little change in my pockets, I can focus some more on building a buffer for Sun’s Blade in preparation for Inktober.

I’m attenting Papier Marché with my friends at Lounak.

Full on Inktober, I work on Under the moon while looking to diversify my sources on income.

Because of Van, I get my 1st ever storyboard gig for an animation serie. It’s a lot more fun than I ever imagined and I learn a lot very fast.

I also embark on a new D&D adventure with a really fun group! It’s been so long since I’ve played D&D 😛

I launch Under the Moon at Expozine and am invited to les Rendez-vous BD de Gatineau. Thaaaanks!

Mini Comiccon is my last convention of the year. I finish my 1st storyboard.

I get to the realisation that my batteries are totally empty. It’s been a long and busy year, and it’s time for a real break. I sleep a lot and play games even if I have stuff to do. I slowly go back to work. Patience and kindness.

Thanks to everybody for a new year of love and support! I wish you all to take care of yourselves, to put time in things you love, on your passions, anything that makes feel alive. To share good and bad times with the people you love and support you. To listen to your body and to do what’s right to protect it.

To a new year full of projects and challenges.

I love you all and happy new year!

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